You Control Your Own Career

I have always believed in taking charge of my own career. I’d like to recount how I started my career many years ago.  When I first started out looking for my 1st real job I failed many times. The reason was do to lack of knowledge and experience. After I landed my 1st real programming job I started to gain the knowledge and know how of how to succeed. The more jobs I worked and technologies I became exposed to the more desirable I became.

The best piece of advice I can give you is that you control your own career.   It’s up to you to learn, to grow, and expand your skills. Never should you ever feel like you have to stay at any one employer. Your employer does not and should not attempt to dictate the direction of your career. Your employer does not look out for your best interests but those of the employer.

Remember this!  A person who takes charge of his or her own career will be far happier then those feeling like there employer controls there career. It is a strong and confident person who knows this.


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April 30th, 2012, posted by Mike

When Requirements Suck

Attempting to write quality software is something that all developers strive to achieve.  The one true non technical challenge that developers face most often is trying to code with bad business requirements. How can you expect a programmer to code something with only a vague description of a task?  It never works out well.

I’d like to first talk about the issues on my team that I and others have discussed. In my area of specialty at my company very often we are given vague incredibly  requirements of what needs to be done. My team members are always left scratching there heads and trying to discuss with the business what they really want. They also sometimes get tick crazy and create multiple tickets for the same issue.

If the business just made there requirement clear and told us what they want we’d be able to get more done instead of wasting time on trivial tasks.  One time I was modifying a report and it took several months to decide that I just needs to include a certain criteria (like a 1 line fix). I have been told by other development as well as qa that we need better requirements. I truly believe it.

Having Bad Requirements Creates The Following Problems

  • Wastes Countless Development Hours - This is ridiculous that I have to spend a dozen hours to a accomplish a fix which should have taken me 4 hours for example. I have seen this many times. I’d rather get more done than have to go back to the same ticket because the business needs something else added at the last minute.
  • Complicates Business Problems - I have seen business problems compounded by the lack of bad requirements.  I have seen data that should have never been sent  rejected after being sent to our clients. I have also seen data that is good shows as having a problem.

When requirements suck there really isn’t much you can do then suck it up and work with the information provided to you.


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April 23rd, 2012, posted by Mike

What Is A Desi Consulting Company?

A Desi Consulting Company is a company that primarily is geared toward bringing in H1-B foreign workers from India.  If your a American there is no reason why you should ever have to deal with with a company that is based outside the USA.  I would like to discuss some of the

Warning Signs Of A Desi Consulting Company

  • The recruiter has a American Name but speaks with a Indian accent
  • The job description has a suspicious sound name like epro or wipro
  • The job descriptions are written in such a way that it just doesn’t sound like a native speaker would have written them that way.
  • The job descriptions appear to be geared towards non citizens.
  • They job description only mentions CORP to CORP and not W-2 pay rates
  • The job  description mentions low salaries in high cost of living areas
  • The company lists a address a India address in the email

These are just some of the ways to recognize a desi consulting company. Not anyone of these alone makes a company a desi consulting company but most desi consulting companies have several of these characteristics. If you do business with a desi consulting company you are helping to support the economy. You are also encouraging the loss of American jobs. This goes for the developers as well as the recruiters.



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April 16th, 2012, posted by Mike