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How To Retain Your IT Employees For Longer

I was reading this article on How To Retain Your IT Employees for Longer and really could relate to it.  Number 4 on the list is something I would like to discuss further.  I was working for a company for 1 and 1/1/2 years  that did not foster and open and friendly atmosphere. The effect of a breakdown of communication in a unsuportive environment will lead to the failure of any project. Companies should really use this advise it will save more hassles and difficulties over the long term.

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Friday, October 31st, 2008

Developing iPhone Applications using Java

Can you imagine the power of Developing iPhone Applications using Java? Yes you heard me right. This is another one of Google’s tech talks that discusses how this can be achieved. I’ve probably said this a thousand times and I’ll say it again. Java is really powerful and never ceases to amaze me to just what this language can do.

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Monday, October 27th, 2008

Programming Confidence Tip – Never Doubt Your Ability

Have you ever doubted your ability to get a job done? As a coder I have been there many times.  I have had countless jobs and projects where I had absolutely no idea how I would ever finish the job. Things usually seemed to work out. The most important piece of advice I learned over the past few years is that to never ever doubt your abilities.

When I first started writing code professionally I had absolutely no idea what I was really doing. I never gave up. I studied the source code of the applications and I read a lot. Whenever I didn’t understand something I researched the topic and usually learned something about it. It takes a long time to master different technologies.

After a few years writing computer code is fairly the same it’s just the technologies that may be different. As long as you understand how to lookup and research issues (even as a beginner with zero experience) you should be able to survive most jobs with minimal difficulty).

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008